Private Call&Sms Guard For S60 5th and 3rd 5.1



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1. Phone call management a. Reject all incoming calls. In this mode, all of the incoming call will be automatically rejected. b. Reject calls from blacklist. In this mode, all of the calls from the predefined blacklist will be automatically rejected, whereas the rest of the calls will not have any effect. c. Accept call from whitelist. d. Personalized call rejection. In this mode?-ian end user may define personalized call rejections for each of the members in the "Specific List". A user may select "Reject call" or "Reply by SMS" to reject calls. A user may use "Manage Lists" to create his/her "Specific list". 2. Secret and Hide sms, SMS protection and management a. "PCG" can help to manage the SMS messages in the mobile phone to make the needed messages visible or invisible in the "Inbox/Sent" of the Nokia "Messaging" application. In this case, a user can hide the sensitive information even your phone is lost, or the user does not want to share the information with others. b. An end user may create his/her "Baby list" using "PCG". Once the "Baby list" has been set up, in the next start-up of "PCG", it will automatically scan all of the existing short messages. If a message is to from the "Baby list", then messages will be automatically hidden. In addition, it can also automatically hide the short messages from "Baby list" if it is running. This will eventually protect the user's privacy since others cannot view the SMS without supplying a correct password. 3. Hide Phone call log All of the phone call records from "Baby list" will be automatically hidden. 4. Phone call recording 5. Automatic call rejection 6. Automatic removal of the SMS message from the blacklist 7. Keyboard autolock 8. Quick key lock function 9. File security 10. Auto start enable 11. It can hide itself in the task manager and don't let the others know 12. More functions... If you have any questions please contact email,thanks.
Requirements: Symbian S60 5th and 3rd

Systems: Pocket PC, Symbian, Windows CE, Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 2005

Tags: Protect private informations   Encrypt sms   Secret sms   Protect call   Hide Sms   Hide Call   Reject Call   private   call   sms   advanced   Blaclist   Strong function  

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